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Xtreme Webdesign - we make Internet - with Innovations, Ideas, Solutions.

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Xtreme Webdesign Fa. T. Müller
An der Arche 1b
39218 Schönebeck
Telefon: +49 3928 842888
Fax: +49 3928 842880

USt-IdNr. DE213957384
Managing director : Torsten Müller

Collected data are used for internal purposes only and for making business work. We don't forward your E-Mail to third parties. Our webserver collects statistics about the usage of the webpages to examine use of the service. In the case of misuse or actions against the law or the ethic conventions of me we use the collected data to reduce the impact of the misuse.

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On the webpages it's possibel, that we use registered trade marks. All registered trade marks belong to their owners and we use them in a descriptive way. If there are legal issuse about the usage of registered trade marks please contact me.
Some pages contain links to other websites. We distance from the content of these external webpages, as it's not in our control, if the content of the external webpages changes.
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