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Kanasolutions DynDNS Updater Software
We assume, you already registered the domain test.com at your registrar.
ns0.xtremeweb.de is the Primary DNS server for test.com
You want to run your own server on a dynamic IP.
This means, you have a DSL (ADSL) or a cable modem, where the IP changes.
You use Windows as your operating system.

Like all HowTo's: It's only a starting point.

Replace test.com with your own domain name.

If your IP changes, the IP of www.test.com should change too.
That's why we use the Kanasolutions DynDNS Updater Software, which should
update the IP of the A record www.test.com on ns0.xtremeweb.de

First let's setup gratisdns.de:
You see there 3 A records, now click on More functions.

Next change the expire time to for example to the year 2017.
Remove the right to update all A records (optional step).

If you removed the right to update all A records, you have to add afterwards the right to update a specific A record, in our example www.test.com

Now you have the uid, password and hostname we need later while configuring the DynDNS Updater Software.
Leave this browser window open (so you can later cut and paste).

Next download the Kanasolutions DynDNS Updater Software from http://www.kanasolution.com/index.php?fid=8
I used the BETA version for this Howto. I recommend downloading a 'zip version'.

Extract the zip file to a new folder.

Change into the folder and run the DynDNS.exe the first time.

Here you enter the uid and the updatesecret from the other browser window (see above).

The hostname in our example is www.test.com

In your taskbar right (where the clock is), you should see an icon for the DynDNS Updater Software.
Right click on it and exit the client.

Now there should be a DynDNS.ini file. We need to edit it.
A double click should open your editor.

In the Options area add IsDynDNS=0 , this opens the program to other providers, like gratisdns.de

Close the Editor and save the changed DynDNS.ini file.

Start again the software by double clicking on DynDNS.exe

Now download the providerfile for gratisdns.de from the gratisdns.de website.

Save the file in the same folder as the DynDNS Updater Software itself.

In your taskbar right (where the clock is), you should see an icon for the DynDNS Updater Software.
Right click on it and choose Settings.
We integrate the providerfile in the setup.

Replace dyndns.org with gratisdns.de

Load the providerfile you saved before.

Now we do some finetuning, how the software detects the IP.

Replace http://checkip.dyndns.org with http://showip.gratisdns.de

Now click, ok, ok, everything should work now.
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