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I feel, i should also show some links, mostly DNS related.

Other DNS services, some free, some not. If you are unhappy with the services you get from my http://www.gratisdns.de/ (i don't hope so), or if you are looking for an additional slave server for your zone you are right here. The descriptions i took mostly from the html tags on the websites.
http://www.gratisdns.de/My service *g* Primary Secondary DNS, E-Mail and URL Redirection Service
http://www.gratisdns.dk/For det danske folk
http://www.granitecanyon.com/Granitecanyon (Website archive at www.archive.org)
http://www.xname.org/Free DNS hosting service
http://www.secondary.com/This is now ultradns.com, in the past it was a free service
http://www.zoneedit.com/In the past a Free DNS service for the first 5 zones
http://www.everydns.net/In the past EveryDNS.Net provided free DNS and backup MX services.
http://www.twisted4life.com/Free Secondary DNS for your domains, MX not for free

Other Links
http://www.epideme.com/digger/Online interface for DIG
http://dnscheck.ripe.net/RIPE NCC DNS Delegation Checker useful for forward and reverse zones
http://www.DNSstuff.com/DNS related stuff
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